Grateful for a Chance to Serve

Three weeks ago there was a marathon in and around the town. Some runners ran only a 1/2 marathon, but even THAT is 13.1 miles. A lot more running than I can do! I “high-fived” several finishers as I threaded my way down to That French Place for a croissant.

Just as I crossed the drawbridge I saw a runner lying on the ground. She was not moving. People lost of stood around and looked. One man asked her questions. “Did you drink anything as you ran? Are you still having tunnel vision?, etc.” Actually, she could hardly answer or move. I laid my rain-cape over her. I placed my wadded-up my jacket under her head. I prayed that the volunteer medics would assist her. I was not in charge — they were.

When I walked back from the croissant mission, the young runner was gone. Hurrah! Ah, but she had just been carried to the medics’ station, and was still not moving. Her mother, a woman I had high-fived 20 minutes earlier, hugged me. Seeing no action yet, I ran home for a warm blanket. I was able to say the honest words of, “She needs to get to the emergency room right now. She needs intravenous rehydrating.” I KNOW that being able to hug the runner’s mom, and to speak gently to the volunteers was a gift to me as well as to them. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve.

Later in the day the runner, her mom and fiance came to return the borrowed items and to say thank you. Really, though, I was grateful to have been included in the flow of life and activities. God is with us all.

— Kris Jones

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