Katherine completed her BA in Religion/Philosophy with a Minor in Music at Presbyterian College, Clinton, SC, in 1998 and her Masters of Divinity at Union Presbyterian Seminary here in Richmond, VA, in 2002.  She was ordained in 2009 as Pastor in the Presbyterian Church (USA) and is a member of the Presbytery of the James.  Her experience includes 20 years of ministry: 14 years in various lay ministry opportunities and 6 years in ordained ministry, most recently including Assistant Director of Camp Hanover, birthing a new worshipping community, and contracted solo pastor positions.  A committed bi-vocational tentmaker (just like the Apostle Paul), Katherine serves as Maintenance Coordinator at Bandazian and Company, Real Estate Group, and she serves as Studio Assistant to a local Potter for the Business, Birds at Noon



Joining FHPC as Covenant Pastor, for a one-year renewable term, Katherine will work part-time (20-hours/week), allocating her responsibilities among these ranked priorities:  worship preparation and leadership; pastoral care and visitation; administration; and working with John Vest on the church’s new vision, mission, and action plan.  Clearly that looks like a full-time job; so we must be patient together as we pare back our expectations.



In Katherine’s own words: “I care deeply about people and community.  I believe one of the greatest gifts we can give one another is to be authentically present.  I practice active and prayerful listening.  I seek to come alongside and strengthen the life in others and to live and work in ways that foster justice, equity, and wholeness… I believe God is calling me to work in ministry that employs my passion for social justice -- making our world a more just and whole place.  Through preaching, worship leadership, compassion, and shared life, I want to encourage individuals and communities in their life of faith -- to walk with others as we seek together to find greater wholeness, depth of joy, and meaning in every day.  Part of my calling is to help fan the flame of God’s Spirit in individuals and communities -- helping them identify and follow God’s call in their lives.  I want to serve in a ministry setting that affords me the opportunity to strengthen the life in others while sharing the joys and pains of everyday life.  I want to serve side by side with folks who are working to live in the world in ways that honor and strengthen the life in their fellow travelers, both near and far, and that honor and work to protect the beauty and wholeness of our created world.”



Katherine also describes her leadership style in this fashion:


  • strategic - designing innovative plans and finding ways to overcome obstacles;
  • collaborative - in both discernment and action, resourcing the varied talents of others;
  • activator - inspiring and sparking enthusiasm and sense of purpose in others;
  • maximizer - leading out of my own strengths and focusing on the talents and strengths of others to help maximize the potential of a given situation; and
  • protector - I value and champion people over things.


Surely you are as eager to meet Katherine as we are to introduce her to you!  Noted for our hospitality, join us now in making her feel welcome at Forest Hill Church starting May 28th.  There are many ways that you can welcome Katherine and help her to learn about our church and our community. Contact the church if you would like some suggestions. We are also planning a formal welcome gathering after worship on June 11th and hope you will be present when we formally celebrate this new time in the life of our church.

As disciples of Jesus Christ, God is not done with FHPC yet!  Let’s welcome Rev. Katherine Todd and pray for her leadership and service, that together we’ll see what He still has in store for us!  And let us remain vigilant, diligent, and faithful, both as individuals and as a corporate body, to:


  1. grow in faith and service;
  2. advance the six great ends of the church:  proclaim the gospel; build Christian community and fellowship; maintain worship; preserve the truth; promote social justice; and exhibit God’s love to the world
  3. support local, national, and world missions as individuals and with earnings of the 2nd Mile Fund; and
  4. attract more people to this church’s hospitality, mission, and ministry, and welcome them into our congregation as members.




As Katherine transitions into the role of part-time Covenant Pastor she will be defining her regular office hours, please feel free to contact the church by phone or email for any needs you may have. We will put you in touch with Katherine, a member of our Session, or another member depending on your needs.


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